Phone On-Hold Messages

Message on HoldCustom Telephone Message On-Hold

  • inspire & inform your customers
  • reduce hang ups
  • move more products

What do your customers hear when they call your business and are put on “hold”?

Radio ads from your competitor? Silence?

One more way to reach your customers…while they are on hold!

How Often…

  • is the person you’re calling on another line?
  • is the switchboard busy with other calls?
  • is the operator unable to locate the person you’re calling?
  • are you in the “silent zone” wondering if you’re still connected?
  • are you annoyed with a “beep” on the line every few seconds?
  • do you become irritated by “radio on hold”?
  • do you encounter extensive hold time, and forget who you called?

Message On Hold Strengths

  • INCREASE Sales opportunities
  • ENHANCE corporate image
  • CROSS MARKET products and services
  • ALLEVIATE callers’ frustrations while on hold
  • RELIEVE pressure on your telephone staff
  • FEATURE current specials
  • DECREASE perceived hold time

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Here is a sample Message On Hold audio file.